I’ve been selling wheelchair ramps for over a decade now and still sometimes get stuck on what to call people.

I once had someone complain because a line on my website said ramps for the disabled and still to this day have to think about what I write and what terminology to use.

It’s particularly hard when you’re trying to write product descriptions for products that are specific to; [the disabled] [disabled people] [people with a disability] [less abled people] [wheelchair bound] [wheelchair users] [people in wheelchairs] etc.

It strikes me that it doesn’t matter which of the above I use somebody will be offended (or make out they are)

This is a quick call out to [the wheelchair bound] [people in wheelchairs] [wheelchair users] [disabled people] – what is right and wrong when trying to describe products for you and when talking about you?

Are you; wheelchair bound, a wheelchair user, person in a wheelchair?

Are any of the other terminologies offensive in any way?

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