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How Steep Should Wheelchair Ramps Be*

1:6 (10°)** - Acceptable in some cases for short threshold ramps.

1:8 (8°)** - A useful balance between gradient and space, suitable for portable ramps in some assisted applications and events, etc.

1:12 (5°) - Often required by social services/local authorities. Minimum required by Part M of building regs for installed ramps.

1:15 (4°) - Sometimes required by social services/local authorities for independent access.

Wheelchair Ramp Calculator

To create a 1:8 gradient
Select height of step:
To create a 1:12 gradient
Select height of step:

Recommended gradient for wheelchair ramps.

With regards to Part M of the building regulations the slope of a fixed ramp is dependent on the height of the step,

A 500mm high step should have maximun gradient of 1:20, a 333mm high step should have maximun gradient of 1:15 and a 166mm high step should have maximun gradient of 1:12. For goings between 2m and 10m it is acceptable to use a sliding scale.
i.e. 1:13 for 3m, 1:14 for 4m, 1:16 for 6m, etc.
Wheelchair Ramps Gradient calculator

Our wheelchair ramp slope calculator is devised for portable wheelchair ramps and is based on a 1:8 gradient, ensure this suits your requirements before selecting your ramp and that the ramp you choose does not create a slope that is too steep for independent wheelchair users.

Futher information about fixed ramps and building regulations on ramps can be found on our page at - Wheelchair Ramp Regulations and Guidance

* - As recommended by leading UK Ramp Manufacturer
** - Wheelchairs must descend backwards - Assess safety/risk

Wheelchair ramp gradient calculator provided by Access Appraisals Ltd.

What is the wheelchair ramp calculator used for?

The wheelchair ramp calculator is used to find the length of ramp required based on the gradient of the slope.

What gradient is the wheelchair ramp calculator using?

Our ramp calculator is set to be used at either a 1:8 or a 1:12 gradient.

Is the wheelchair ramp calculator free to use?

Yes, our ramp gradient calculator is free to use.

Does this ramp calculator calculate the slope of the ramp?

No, it calculates the length of the lengh of the ramp based on the gradient selected.

Can we embed your ramp calculator on our own website?

Yes, feel free to contact us and we will send you the code required to embed a ramp calculator on your own website.

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