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Finding Wheelchair-accessible Privately Rented Accommodation

Last year the Equalities and Human Rights Commission shockingly revealed that 93% of privately owned housing in the UK is not wheelchair accessible. Consequently, around 365,000 disabled people live in buildings that are not suitable for their needs. – […]

Premium Grade Wheelchair Ramps For The Service Sector

New Aerolight – Premium Grade Wheelchair Ramps For The Service Sector The Aerolight range of Wheelchair ramps should not be compared with the budget ramps that have flooded the market in recent years. When you need a reliable, safe, easy to use wheelchair ramp that your staff wont just put away out of site – […]

How to Work Out Length of Ramp Required

How to Work Out Length of Ramp Required There are a lot of considerations when working out the length required for a wheelchair ramp. The 1st important point is – Does it need to comply to Building regulations? This is a question we are often asked but unfortunately cannot answer as it is something you […]

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Guest Houses

When you need a wheelchair ramp for a guest house. The Aerolight Extra Wheelchair Ramps are the ideal solution as they have an incredible strength to weight ratio an example being the AX18 which is a folding 1.8m ramp that has a SWL of 350kg but weighs only 11.9kg…. Read More

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Fire Exits

When you need a wheelchair ramp for a fire exit it is crucial that the ramp is lightweight and easy to handle. The Aerolight Extra Wheelchair Ramps are the ideal solution as they have an incredible strength to weight ratio an example being the AX18 which is a folding 1.8m ramp that has a SWL of 350kg but weighs only 11.9kg…. Read More

Best Wheelchair Ramp for Restaurants, Cafés, etc.

We consider the Aerolight range of wheelchair ramps to be one of the Best Wheelchair Ramps for Restaurants, Cafes, pubs, clubs, shops, etc. due to the incredible weight to strength capacity, it’s ease of handling and the fact it is compact and easy to store away when not in use…. Read More

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Stages

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Stages We are often asked about which wheelchair ramp is best when trying to provide wheelchair access to a stage. Stages up to 400mm high If it is just a low stage up to 400mm high and where assistance is provided an Aerolight Extra Extended Length Wheelchair Ramp Combination is available…. Read More

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Shops

We find the most common mistake people make when ordering wheelchair ramps for shops is that they don’t take in to consideration they need to allow enough room for the wheelchair user to have a straight on approach to the ramp. Where this often causes problems is when the shop entrance is directly on to… Read More

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Churches

Let’s face it, most churches weren’t built with wheelchair users in mind. Also, most churches are historic buildings where installing modern permanent ramps isn’t really an option. We are often approached by Church wardens and PPC’s asking for advice on portable wheelchair ramps for churches which can be put down before a service. The problem… Read More

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Village Halls

When it comes to Village Halls our advice on which is the best type or ramp to use is similar to the advice we provide on ramps for churches If a permanent ramp is not a possibility you need to take in to consideration whether the ramp will just be used on an “as and… Read More

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Pubs and Clubs

When it comes to pubs you have to be careful with wheelchair ramps. If you’re using a ramp that stays set up you need to be ultra cautious for obvious reasons. You don’t want someone who’s had a few drinks tripping or slipping on the ramp, you don’t want them climbing all over the handrails… Read More

Recommended gradient for wheelchair ramps

Update: New Building Regulations from October 2015 – Access to and use of buildings: Approved Document M Read more about Regulations regarding ramps here – Wheelchair Ramp Guidance and Regulations What is the recommended gradient for wheelchair ramps? We quite often receive requests for wheelchair ramps from people who don’t really know how long the ramp… Read More

Wheelchair Ramps for Polling Stations

If your local polling station is not accessible to people in a wheelchair please pass on our details to whoever is responsible for the polling station. Access Appraisals Ltd. have been supplying wheelchair ramps for over a decade now and tend to experience last minute rushes during election periods when it is discovered that polling… Read More

Official Guidelines on Portable Wheelchair Ramps

You will have to excuse this post as it is a bit of a rant I have been selling wheelchair ramps for over 15 years now In all that time I have never seen Official Guidelines on Wheelchair Ramps. I have seen numerous recommendations for gradients of wheelchair ramps, but nothing official. I have seen… Read More

Wheelchair Ramps Special Offer

Special Offer Purchase any Aerolight Xtra ramp on profrorma invoice basis before the end of April 2017, pay by bank transfer and receive a 5% discount. Call 01608 663759 for details. Click Here to Order This Ramp £400.00 +VAT* 6ft (1.8m) Portable Wheelchair Ramp Quick and easy to set up Unique design enables incredible grip… Read More

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Cars

The biggest problem when looking for wheelchair ramps for cars is having enough room in the car to carry a ramp that is long enough to create a safe gradient. To overcome this problem we supply a range of telescopic wheelchair ramps and folding wheelchair ramps which are both compact and light weight. Perfolight Telescopic… Read More

Wheelchair Ramps for UPVC Doors

UPVC Doors are great but they do tend to have annoying little thresholds that make wheelchair access difficult. Wheelchair Ramps for UPVC Doors We have a range of Threshold Ramps that can overcome the problems UPVC doors create for wheelchair access including; Doorline Bridge Ramp Wheelchair Ramps The Doorline Bridge Ramp which can be used… Read More

Wheelchair Ramps for Scooters and Powerchairs

We are often asked if our wheelchair ramps are suitable for Scooters or Power chairs. The things to look out for with Scooters and Powerchairs is that the front wheels and back wheels are in line with each other. If not you may find that channel ramps are ruled out of the equation. Another thing… Read More

Modular Ramps for Wheelchair Access

We now supply a range of modular wheelchair ramp systems for where portable ramps are not an option. Welcome Modular Wheelchair Ramp System The Simple Self-Assembly Modular Wheelchair Ramp System The Welcome Wheelchair Ramp System has been designed specifically for ease of installation. Ramp sections are available in 0.6m and 1.2m which can be quickly… Read More

Wheelchair Access Ramps‎

Someone recently asked me what the difference is between a Wheelchair Access Ramps‎ and a scooter ramp. Tha main difference isn’t really in the ramps but the difference between wheelchairs and scooters. Scooters are generally heavier, scooters have longer wheelbases and scooters tend to have little tipping wheels on the back. Although we tend to… Read More

Wheelchair Ramp Installation Service

We now provide a wheelchair ramp installation service through our partners at Handyman Warwickshire. If you would like a wheelchair ramp supplied and fitted within a 20 mile radius of Shipston-on-Stour, South Warwickshire contact us via this website or via our Warwickshire Handyman website.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps Images

I added some nicer images to the Portable Wheelchair Ramps page on the website today. Ono of them is a ramp and handrail configuration of the Welcome Modular Ramps. As it is a modular system the Welcome range tend to get a bit overlooked when talking about portable wheelchair ramps, as this picture shows though,… Read More

Latest Sitemap

Disabled Access Regulations DDA Wheelchair ramps regulations UK Disabled Access Ramps Guidelines and Best Practice Wheelchair Ramps Regulations – UK Building regulations regarding ramps Maximum Slope For Wheelchair Ramps Ramp Guidelines and Regulations What is the Recommended gradient for wheelchair ramps Wheelchair Ramp Calculator – Find the length of wheelchair ramp required Wheelchair Ramps TRY… Read More

Fold Away Wheelchair Ramps

Question is; How small do you want your Wheelchair Ramps to fold to? Aerolight Extra Folding Wheelchair Ramp The Aerolight Extra folds down it’s length which means whatever length you buy is how small it folds to length wise by 40cm width wise Short ones like carrying a briefcase, longer ones like carrying a… Read More

Wheelchair ramps for listed buildings

We are often approached by owners or estate managers of listed buildings who need to provide wheelchair access but can’t alter the aesthetics of the listed building. When this happens we tend to recommend lightweight portable wheelchair ramps that can be used as an auxiliary aid, rather than permanent obtrusive ramp systems. The portable ramps… Read More

Temporary Ramps for Wheelchairs

We have been asked a number of times if we could provide a temporary ramp for wheelchair use. The answer is yes, but the problem is delivery charges. We would be quite happy to hire out wheelchair ramps, but when you take in to consideration the cost of delivering the ramp in the 1st place… Read More

Welcome Modular Wheelchair Ramps for Domestic Use

Access Appraisals are pleased to announce we are now supplying a new lightweight modular wheelchair system for domestic use called Welcome – Welcome Modular Wheelchair Ramps » The Welcome Wheelchair Ramp Systems are available in a number of configurations and have options including; Adjustable height landing platforms, single or double handrails, no handrails, ramp only… Read More

Maximum Slope For Wheelchair Ramps Ramp Guidelines and Regulations

Portable Wheelchair Ramp Calculator for a 1:12 Gradient Slope   Select height of step:   2 inches (50mm) 3 inches (75mm) 4 inches (100mm) 5 inches (125mm) 6 inches (150mm) 7 inches (175mm) 8 inches (200mm) 10 inches (250mm) 12 inches (300mm) 14 inches (350mm) 16 inches (400mm) Wheelchair Ramp Gradient Calculator provided by Access… Read More

Lightweight Modular Wheelchair Ramp System – Welcome

The Welcome range of lightweight modular wheelchair ramp systems is an extremely durable modular system which is designed for outdoor use is totally modular and easy to set up and store away. These new modular ramp systems are now featured on our Welcome Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems section on http://www.wheelchair-ramps.co.uk/

Quality Wheelchair Ramps

Not all wheelchair ramps are the same. These photos demonstrate the unmistakeable quality of our Aerolight Wheelchair Ramps. See our range of Aerolight Wheelchair Ramps below  Aerolight Classic  Aerolight Broadfold  Aerolight Extra  Aerolight Lifestyle

Utility Ramp – Robust Commercial Ramps

Designed and manufactured for commercial use the Utility Ramp is a lightweight but maintains an incredible weight capacity. Side castors make the utility ramp easy to simply wheel along and lay in position. Utility Ramp Prices Extra Wide Ramps – 900mm URW12 – 1.2M – £450 excluding VAT

Wheelchair Ramps for Steps

When buying a wheelchair for steps you need to measure the going of each step as well as the height. The reason being is that if the going is too long a wheelchair ramp that may be suitable on smaller going steps can catch on the nosing of the lower step (as demonstrated in the… Read More

Cheap Wheelchair Ramps – Buy Cheap Buy Twice

“There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man’s lawful prey.” John Ruskin 1819 – 1900 I was sent some cheaper wheelchair ramps to try out the other week, boy does it make… Read More

Latest Wheelchair Ramp Prices 2014 – 2015

It looks like we are able to keep the our wheelchair ramp prices for 2015 at the same rate as our 2014 prices. I have updated our price list page at Wheelchair Ramp Prices for our Aerolight and Perfolight range of portable wheelchair ramps. All other wheelchair ramp prices are displayed on individual models throughout… Read More

Access Ramps DDA and Equality Act Compliant

We are often asked if our Access Ramps are compliant The problem with that question is are our Access Ramps compliant with what? This is due to people thinking a ramp has to be compliant with building regulations which in the 12 years I have been selling ramps for I have never sold an access… Read More

Ramps for Wheelchairs

Ramps for Wheelchairs – Please click on image of ramp below for further information. Aerolight Ramps Classic Ramps Broadfold Ramps Lifestyle Ramps     Rigid Channel Ramps Folding Channel Ramps Telescopic Channel Ramps Combi Channel Ramps   Access Appraisal supply a wide range of Portable Wheelchair Ramps and provide free advice on which Portable wheelchair… Read More

Welcome Modular Wheelchair Ramp System

Finally got around to updating the Modular Wheelchair Ramps section on the website today to include more information on the Welcome Modular Wheelchair Ramp System. The Simple Self-Assembly Modular Wheelchair Ramp System The Welcome Wheelchair Ramp System has been designed specifically for ease of installation. Ramp sections are available in 0.6m and 1.2m which can… Read More

Polling Stations Disabled Access

With less than a month to go before voting at the Brexit Referendum begins we are still getting enquiries about disabled access at polling stations. It you are responsible for ensuring your polling station is accessible to disabled people we have put together a special page highlighting our most popular wheelchair ramps for polling stations… Read More

Wheelchair Channel Ramps Increasing in Popularity

We have been selling wheelchair ramp for over a decade now and despite the fact we sell an excellent range of channel ramps for wheelchairs are often surprised at how few we actually sell. This appears to have changed in recent months and this January appears to have been our busiest month for channel ramps since… Read More

Folding Channel Ramps and Telescopic Channel Ramps

Perfolight Folding Channel Ramps Available in lengths 3ft 7 inches to 6ft 10 inches Low kerbs and long bevel sides Unique perforated gives excellent grip Compact for ease of storage Folding Channel Ramps Perfolight Telescopic Channel Ramps Available in lengths 2ft 10 inches to 9ft 5 inches Low kerbs and long bevel sides Unique perforated… Read More

What to do when a wheelchair ramp is not suitable

We quite often receive enquiries for wheelchair ramps from people who have steps that are far too high to for ramps to be suitable. Building regulations state that a ramp for public use has a gradient of approx 1:15 which can be slightly steeper for steps below 330mm and slightly shallower for steps above 330mm The steepest a wheelchair ramp should be is… Read More

Lightweight semi-permanent wheelchair ramps

We will soon be including a new range of semi-permanent ramps to our wheelchair ramps website. These ramps are similar to the modular ramp systems but are a little more basic, lighter, come in smaller sections and are designed to be handled and erected by a single person. Prices are considerably lower and delivery of… Read More

Portable wheelchair ramps on London Underground may only be temporary

The one thing that really annoys be about disabled access ramps is the regulations people hide behind so as not to provide them. OK in an ideal world all ramps would comply to Part M of building regs or follow the guidelines as provided by the CAE. But when these guidelines say ramps have to… Read More

Modular Wheelchair Ramps

We updated the Modular Wheelchair Ramps section on our Wheelchair Ramps site today to provide more information about the ramp components, dimensions and configurations. The swift modular wheelchair ramp systems come in a range of a adjustable components which can be used to produce a wheelchair ramp to suit your needs Ramp systems are available… Read More

Wheelchair ramps for homes

We are often asked if our wheelchair ramps are suitable for home use. The answer is Yes Most of the wheelchair ramps we supply are lightweight and compact which makes them idea for home use where they can be set up as and when needed and then simply folded up and stored away when not… Read More

Disabled Ramps and the Equality Act

The disabled ramps featured on our website are ideal for shops, offices, listed buildings, etc.  as a way to help comply with the Equality Act. These ramps are lightweight, foldable and easy to set up when required meaning they do not have to be left out permanently. Available in lengths 2ft – 8ft (0.6m – 2.4m) Quick and… Read More

Wheelchair Ramps Price Reduction

It was about this time last year that we sadly had to put up the prices of our wheelchair ramps for the first time in 3 years. I am pleased to say that due to other cost savings we have made this year we are now in the position that we can reduce the prices… Read More

Modular Ramps for Wheelchair Access

Access Appraisals Ltd. currently provide modular ramps for domestic use and lightweight temporary wheelchair platform systems. We will shortly be adding a new range of Modular Ramp systems that are designed for public access and are compliant to Part M of the building regulations. These new Modular Ramps are designed to combat higher step levels… Read More

Wheelchair Ramps for Cars

We are quite often asked what are the best ramps for loading wheelchairs in to cars or vans. We provide 3 main options which are all displayed on our Wheelchair Ramps for Cars page. These consist of; Broadfold Wheelchair Ramp – A simple and cost-effective scooter ramp which is ideal for loading 3 wheel or… Read More

Wheelchair Ramps – Ex Demo Stock Available

If anyone in the South Warwickshire area wants some cheap wheelchair ramps this could be for you. We will soon be having an extension build which has resulted in us having to take down a storage unit where we kept our returned ramps, ex demo ramps, stock ramps, etc. This has resulted in us wanting… Read More

Wheelchair Ramp

We will soon be updating all the information about modular wheelchair ramps on our main wheelchair ramp website. In the past we have tended to just supply the lightweight portable wheelchair ramp despite receiving a fair few enquiries for the modular ramp systems. With the modular wheelchair ramp improving all the time and now being in a… Read More

Wheelchair Ramp Prices

Unfortunately, due mainly to the cost of raw materials and transport fees, I have had to put the price up of most of our wheelchair ramps I tried to hold the price as long as possible, but have reached the point where I have little choice.  This is the first price increase in at least… Read More

Wheelchair Ramps Video

New range of wheelchair ramps

New range of permanent wheelchair ramps A totally new concept, the Permaramp range is designed to be easily adjusted and fixed down or left in place for all types of thresholds (Click on image for larger picture) Easy wash surface for long life and re-use Quick and easy to set up Unique gripdeck surface for… Read More

Wheelchair ramp systems

A lot of the wheelchair ramps we sell are to small shopkeepers who simple need a little portable wheelchair ramp which they can quickly set up to enable a wheelchair user to gain access to their premises. Most of the time a short straight out ramp is suffice, but if it is a particularly narrow… Read More

Modular Ramp Systems For Wheelchairs

We now supply a range of modular wheelchair ramp systems for where portable ramps are not an option. Swift Ramp Systems Quick, reusable and 100% modular wheelchair ramp system numerous combinations to suit your requirements designed to fit up to the door long life zinc coating prevents rusting high capacity construction

New Range of Portable Access Ramps

We now supply a new range of lightweight portable access ramps that are designed to be quick and easy to set up as well as being light and compact for ease of storage. Aerolight Classic Aerolight Broadfold Aerolight Xtra Aerolight Lifestyle Perfolight Rigid Perfolight Folding Perfolight Tele Perfolight Combi

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

We are expecting a new range of lightweightportable wheelchair ramps.

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