Best Wheelchair Ramps for Pubs and Clubs

When it comes to pubs you have to be careful with wheelchair ramps.

If you’re using a ramp that stays set up you need to be ultra cautious for obvious reasons.

You don’t want someone who’s had a few drinks tripping or slipping on the ramp, you don’t want them climbing all over the handrails and you definitely don’t want a drunk wheelchair user thinking the ramp is there for his Evel Knievel stunts.

If you’re not going to install a fully compliant wheelchair ramp system in your pub or club we tend to recommend you use a little portable ramp that is permanently monitored and used on a as and when basis.
ie. a member of staff sets the ramp up for a wheelchair user, assists them in to the pub or club and then removes the ramp again until the wheelchair user needs it again.

The best wheelchair ramp for pubs and clubs where the ramp is used like this is a little portable wheelchair ramp like the Aerolight Extra.

Wheelchair Ramp for pubs or clubs

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