Best Wheelchair Ramps for Guest Houses

When it comes to guest houses you have to be careful with wheelchair ramps.

If you are thinking of installing a permanent or semi permanent ramp you have to take in to consideration; planning permission, building regulations and safety factors when the ramp is left unattended.

Unfortunately the building regulations are primarily used by architects at the design stage of new buildings where space for a ramp is considered at the design stage.

When trying to fit a permanent ramp to an existing building complying fully with the building regulations can sometimes be impossible and even if not impossible, very expensive.

The alternative when it is not reasonable to fit a permanent ramp is to you use a little portable ramp that is permanently monitored and used on a as and when basis. ie. a member of staff sets the ramp up for a wheelchair user, assists them in to the guest house and then removes the ramp again until the wheelchair user needs it again. (This is classed as an auxiliary aid)

The best wheelchair ramp for guest houses where the ramp is used like this is a little portable wheelchair ramp like the Aerolight Extra.

Wheelchair Ramp for pubs or clubs

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