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Who is Replacing Rachel Riley on Countdown in 2020?

  (a) – Katie Hopkins is replacing Rachel Riley on Countdown whilst Rachel is on maternity leave.

Who suggested Katie Hopkins as a replacement for Rachel Riley?

  (a) – Ex apprentice star Nick Hewer apparently suggested Katie Hopkins as a replacement for Rachel Riley as a joke, but was taken seriously.

How long will Rachel Riley be away from Countdown?

  (a) – Hopefully only a week or two if Katie Hopkins is taking over from her.

When Katie Hopkins was asked how she thought Countdown viewers would respond to her Math answers what was her answer?

  (a) – Katie Hopkins is reported to have said “I expect 20% will like them the other 82% probably wont”.

Who is Replacing Rachel Riley on Countdown?

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  1. Has Rachel Riley had her baby yet?

    She’s a fit health young lassie, let’s all hope she’s back on Countdown soon so we don’t have to see that evil Katie Hopkins for too long.

  2. Get a grip FFS

    All Riley does is hold up a few letters and numbers.

    Can’t people see that she has an earpiece in and is told the answers to the maths questions!

  3. I can’t imagine Diane Abbott letting others decide on what she wears when filming Countdown like Rachel once said she has to.

  4. Does anyone really care who will be replacing Rachel Riley on Countdown?

    Shouldn’t we all be a bit more concerned about Brexit

    1. If Brexit had of come a little earlier Rachel probably wouldn’t even be pregnant Kat and we wouldn’t have the daunting prospect of Katie Hopkins being on Countdown

      1. Katie Hopkins being on Countdown – It could be worse I read that Diane Abbott is replacing Rachel.
        Why don’t they have someone like Greta Thunberg replacing Rachel Riley on Countdown or better still have special one off guests until Rachel returns?

  5. What about Lottie Lion from the Apprentice?
    She may not be a maths genius but she has been a mathematician for 14 years and will tell everbody how good she is. Also when a competitor gets a numbers question correct she will tell us that’s the way she would have solved it too.

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