We quite often receive enquiries for wheelchair ramps from people who have steps that are far too high to for ramps to be suitable.

Building regulations state that a ramp for public use has a gradient of approx 1:15 which can be slightly steeper for steps below 330mm and slightly shallower for steps above 330mm

The steepest a wheelchair ramp should be is 1:12 when the step is 155mm or lower.

They also recommend that portable ramps should be no steeper than 1:12 although most ramp manufacturers say ramps can be used at a 1:6 gradient so it up to the end user to do their own risk assessment if deciding to go this steep.

So what can you do when a wheelchair ramp is not suitable?

The Equality Act states you have to make reasonable adjustments, which may mean you will require a small wheelchair lift.

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