Wheelchair Ramps

Length of ramp required to comply with UK Building Regulations

Length of ramp required to comply with UK Building Regulations The following table shows the minimum ramp length required to comply with current UK Building Regulations from the Approved Document M: access to and use of buildings, volume 2: buildings other than dwellings Note: 10m is the maximum length a ramp should be before including… Read More

High Street Shops and Wheelchair Ramps

High Street Shops, Wheelchair Ramps and Narrow Pavements There was an article on the BBC last week referencing a DisabledGo audit on accessibility on the High Street – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-30342957 Now you would think wheelchair access to shops would be a simple solution, either alter the entrance, fit a permanent wheelchair ramp or when neither are… Read More

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Shops

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Shops We find the most common mistake people make when ordering wheelchair ramps for shops is that they don’t take in to consideration the fact that they need to allow enough room for the wheelchair user to have a straight on approach to the ramp. Where this often causes problems is… Read More

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Fire Exits and Egress Routes

Best Wheelchair Ramps for Fire Exits and Egress Routes Aerolight Extra When you need a wheelchair ramp for a fire exit it is crucial that the ramp is lightweight and easy to handle. The Aerolight Extra Wheelchair Ramps are the ideal solution as they have an incredible strength to weight ratio an example being the… Read More

Recommended gradient for wheelchair ramps UK

What is the recommended gradient for wheelchair ramps in the UK? We quite often receive requests for wheelchair ramps from people who don’t really know how long the ramp should be. Recommended gradient for portable wheelchair ramps in the UK? As a general rule when using portable wheelchair ramps most ramp manufacturers recommend a gradient… Read More

Wheelchair Ramps for Polling Stations

Wheelchair Ramps for Polling Stations If your local polling station is not accessible to people in a wheelchair please pass on our details to whoever is responsible for the polling station. Access Appraisals Ltd. have been supplying wheelchair ramps for over a decade now and tend to experience last minute rushes during election periods when… Read More

Portable Wheelchair Ramps Images

Portable Wheelchair Ramps Images I added some nicer images to the Portable Wheelchair Ramps page on the website today. Ono of them is a ramp and handrail configuration of the Welcome Modular Ramps. As it is a modular system the Welcome range tend to get a bit overlooked when talking about portable wheelchair ramps, as… Read More

Polling Stations Disabled Access

Polling Stations Disabled Access With less than a month to go before voting at the Brexit Referendum begins we are still getting enquiries about disabled access at polling stations. It you are responsible for ensuring your polling station is accessible to disabled people we have put together a special page highlighting our most popular wheelchair… Read More

Ramp for a Wine Cabinet

A Ramp for a Wine Cabinet Our ramps have had a lot of wheelchairs, scooters, walking aids, rotators, etc. on them over the years but it’s not very often we have heard of them being used for transporting Wine Cabinets though. That’s exactly what happened the other day when we were asked to supply a… Read More

Ramp for Freestanding Wine Cabinets

Ramp for Freestanding Wine Cabinets We had an unusual request today from a company who supplies Freestanding Wine Cabinets They wanted a ramp to make it easier to get the cabinets in and out of their showroom which has a 15cm step which they didn’t want to bump their trolley up or down on as… Read More

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