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Please feel free to ring for free advice on which ramp is most suitable.

Free Advice on Wheelchair Ramps

Unsure of which wheelchair ramp is suitable for you?

Just give us a call on 01608 663759 and we will advise you on the most suitable ramp for your needs.

Before ringing us please follow this checklist

  • What is the total height you are trying to overcome with your wheelchair ramp?
  • If wheelchair ramp is landing in a doorway, what is the width of the opening?
  • If wheelchair ramp is landing in a doorway, does the door open inwards or outwards?
  • If ramp is to go on to pavement how much room is there to the edge of the road?
If possible, take a photograph of where the portable wheelchair ramps are to be used and email it to us at

Free UK Mainland Delivery on all portable wheelchair ramps

Access Appraisals Ltd. have been supplying wheelchair ramps to domestic customers, commercial customers and local government bodies since 2002.
We have so much confidence in the quality of all wheelchair ramps we supply that we now provide a 7 day Try before you buy service » » »

Aerolight Extra Wheelchair Ramp

The foundation of the range, this masterpiece has proved itself again and again. Since its introduction in 2003, the original style of Aerolight Wheelchair Ramp has seen many improvements and continues to be the best seller.

In stock Best Seller - New AX12 wheelchair ramp only £270.00

Aerolight Wheelchair Ramps
  • Available in lengths 2ft - 8ft (0.6m - 2.4m)
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Unique design enables incredible grip
  • Single fold down lengh of ramp
  • clips together when folded
  • contrasting colour edge strip increases visibility

Call: 01608 663759 to Buy Now

Code no.
Weight Limit
*Price Inc VAT
AX6 2ft (60cm) 30ins (76cm) 350 kg 5 kg £180.00
AX9 3ft (90cm) 30ins (76cm) 350 kg 7 kg £252.00
AX12 4ft (120cm) 30ins (76cm) 350 kg 9 kg £324.00
AX15 5ft (150cm) 30ins (76cm) 350 kg 11 kg £396.00
AX18 6ft (180cm) 30ins (76cm) 350 kg 13 kg £468.00
AX21 7ft (210cm) 30ins (76cm) 300 kg 15 kg £540.00
AX24 8ft (240cm) 30ins (76cm) 250 kg 17 kg £624.00

Prices displayed include VAT - You may be exempt from VAT - Please call 01608 663759 for further information.

All products are available to order and usually despatched within 72 hours, this is not always under our control, we will inform you if any product is likely to be any longer than 5 working days.

Click on wheelchair ramp images below for further information.

  • Aerolight Classic - Non folding portable wheelchair ramp.
  • Aerolight Broadfold - Single fold portable wheelchair ramp.
  • Aerolight Extra - Single fold portable wheelchair ramp.
  • Aerolight Lifestyle - Two fold portable wheelchair ramp.

Quality wheelchair ramps at competitive prices

Call: 01608 663759 for free friendly advice on wheelchair ramps.

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  • Aerolight Classic Wheelchair Ramps
  • Aerolight Broadfold Wheelchair Ramps
  • Aerolight Lifestyle Wheelchair Ramps

How to buy wheelchair ramps

Many people do not understand how to work out the gradient required when buying wheelchair ramps, or which ramp is most suitable for their needs. For this reason we like to speak to you first and offer you free advice to ensure you buy the right ramp. We also provide a 7 day Try Before You Buy service so you can be sure you have the right product.

Please feel free to contact us for free advice on 01608 663759
or by email at

Portable Wheelchair Ramps.

With the new DDA. legislation here, we now have the answer to those tricky access situations. Lightweight, folding, easy to handle and strong, these portable ramps are perfect as an auxiliary aid.

Ramp Information -
Provides information on disabled access ramps Including recommendations from BS 8300:2001, Part M of current UK building regulations and legislation covered by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA.)

If there is sufficient space in front of the building a permanent wheelchair ramp should be installed. The maximum gradient for fixed ramps should be no more than 1 in 12. If the length exceeds 2m a handrail on each side and a landing area should be provided. Ramps for wheelchairs should have a minimum clear width of 1m, and have 100mm high upstand to the edges. The handrails should be 900mm high, and extend 300mm beyond the ends of the ramp. At the top there should be a level area of 1200mm.

In many circumstances the installation of permanent wheelchair access ramps may be impossible. when this is the case we recommend buying removable portable home wheelchair ramps, which when assisted use is provided can be used on gradients of 1 in 6 is a website belonging to Access Appraisals Ltd. a company registered in England and Wales (company no. 4537420 and VAT no. 812 494925)

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